Aluminum Venetian blinds

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» PRODUCT INDEX This index consists of a summary of the range of products manufactured by Metal Suspended Ceiling Factory. This index includes Metal Strips Ceiling and Venetian Blinds shown as a system, with all other related components, accessories, and perimeter trims shown separately. » TESTING AND CERTIFICATES Metal Suspended Ceiling Factory product range has been put through all the tests shown below. In the index, the test symbols show all the tests conducted on each system separately. All test certificates are available upon request. Another proud product of Metal Suspended Ceiling Factory is Venetian Blinds. Metal Suspended Ceiling Factory Venetian Blinds are of the highest quality standard. Apart from the product, full technical support, as well as installation, is provided to its valued clients. The colors and the finest materials used capture the hearts of millions of people all over the world. Practically easy to maintain, our Venetian can be installed in any interior part of your house or building. Made with sophisticated state-of-the-art technology our Venetian is more durable, and long-lasting and resists heat enabling your AC coolness retained for longer hours than conventional curtains.
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